Euclid Commercial Lending Services

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Church Lending

Our church lending program is designed to give you more of what you want-like low down payments, efficient, streamlined closings, and guidance toward your organization's financial goals.


100% Financing
This option is available if the church is buying a property for 70% or less of the appraised value.

No Hassle
These loans are made easy. NO tax returns. NO audited financials. NO personal guarantees.

Flexible Rate and Term Options
We offer rates as low as 6.5%. Also available are 30 year fixed-rate fully amortizing loans with NO balloon payments.

Options, Your Choice
We provide over 25 different loan programs. You choose what is best for your church.

Church Requirements

To get started, your church should:

  1. Have a minimum loan requirement of $100,000;
  2. Be certified as non-profit pursuant to IRS Code 501(c)(3);
  3. Be incorporated and provide us your date of incorporation;
  4. Have annual, average attendance of 100 or more in your Sunday morning service(s);
  5. Have annual income of $125,000 or more for your most recent fiscal year;
  6. Provide annual income/expense statements, balance sheet, and average Sunday morning church attendance for your last three (3) fiscal years;
  7. Provide copies of the “Articles of Incorporation”, “By Laws”, and “Statement of Faith”;
  8. Provide a brief resume of your pastor;
  9. Provide a brief history of the church;
  10. Tell us how much you desire to borrow;
  11. Tell us exactly how you plan to use the borrowed funds;
  12. Give us the approximate value of your property, including the value “when completed” if you are planning construction.

Apply for a Religious Organization Loan today!